The American Legion is a patriotic veteran’s organization that was incorporated by Congress in 1919. The American Legion is the nation’s largest wartime veteran services organization that is devoted to mutual helpfulness and has posts extended throughout the nation. Located in the southern region of Fort Worth, TX, Emanuel L. Young Post 838 is one of them.

Post 838 was named after a World War I veteran, an enduring veteran rights advocate, and a district official in the American Legion, Mr. Emanuel L. Young. Since his military career in the First World War, Mr. Young dedicated his life to veteran's organizations. He was a life member of the American Legion and helped to organize the J.E. Amsted Post 838. Mr. Young went beyond the call of duty in his role as "Advocate" for benefits for military veterans, their dependents and survivors. He assisted in health education and welfare benefits throughout his career. The Buddies and Auxiliary of the American Legion J.E. Amsted Post 838 honored Mr. Young by changing Post 838's name to Emanuel L. Young Post 838.

We welcome fellow veterans to become a member and patriotic citizens to be a sponsor of Emanuel L. Young Post 838. Come help our post to continue giving aid and assistance to veterans, their families, and people of our local community who are in need; also, to continue producing more resources, programs, and activities in the effort to make a better and brighter community.



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